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The Big Bang Theory S05E08 (2007)

The Big Bang Theory S05E08 (2007)

The Big Bang Theory - 5x08 - The Isolation Permutation.HDTV.ASAP

The Big Bang Theory S05E08 (2007)




Dreadful show about jerks that have friends for some reason so they can be jerks to them. Mostly "cut" jokes where you hate on someone like ripping their hairstyle or choice in clothing or choice of TV or music they enjoy. This show is basically Two and a Half Men without the family connection of Sibling Rivalry. Big Bang Theory is filmed in front of a live audience but they still add laugh tracks so the audience at home knows when to laugh since the live audience don't naturally laugh even with the huge applause sign they use to try to prod laughter from the live audience. Remove the laugh track and the show is miserable mean jerks being mean miserable jerks to other mean miserable jerks. I can't wait for this show to go away, it's sad for humanity that it has high ratings.

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