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The Dictator (2012)

The Dictator (2012)

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The Dictator (2012)




----INCLUDING THE UNRATED VERSION----The film opens with the news showing the nuclear threat of Wadiya led by the leader Admiral General Aladeen (Sacha Baron Cohen). The news tells about the life of Aladeen: When he was born in 1973, he did not know his mother and we see apparently the attendant nurse killed his mother by pressing the pillow onto her head. As a child (about 4 or 5 years old), he watched the General Admiral shoots the clown after he is being entertained. We see the young Aladeen holding his gun and dressed as Gen. Admiral, in the news states that he may be the dangerous man in the whole world. Now in the present, Aladeen is being interviewed about the nuclear weapons he made. Also, he joins his own Olympic Games in Wadiya, and won by cheating (by shooting a runner and the two officials in a feet and aiming them with his pistol). He also made a dictionary in Wadiyan version. Example in the movie is the doctor (Aasif Mandvi) tells a patient that he has an "HIV-Aladeen".In Wadiya, Aladeen addresses the nation about the enriching weapons made in uranium to be use in peaceful purposes like in medical use. Aladeen arrives at the nuclear facility with his uncle Tamir (Ben Kingsley), hoping to show his nuclear weapons that he made. But the nuclear missile they made is small than he expected. Two years ago, the uranium-made nuclear missile is made by Nadal (Jason Mantzoukas) but Aladeen tells him that the missile is supposed to be sharp point. After dealing with the two, Aladeen tells the guards to execute Nadal (but apparently not).As Aladeen returns to the palace, he is being shot by a man in the head. Later, we learn that "Aladeen" is the double and Tamir is behind this shooting. Tamir found the double of Aladeen and he says to Aladeen that his job is to be shot in the head. At night, Aladeen is having sex with Megan Fox. Recently, he having sex more than hundred celebrities including Halle Berry, Oprah Winfrey, even Arnold Schwarzenegger and many others.The news shows the United Nations authorized NATO to launch air strikes onto Wadiya unless Aladeen addresses the U.N. personally.At the palace, Aladeen plays "Terrorist 2K12" on WII. While he is playing, Tamir tells him that U.N. demands him to addresses the nation about the nuclear program. Aladeen summons the generals to address them about the UN. He is having a role play by accidentally shots a general twice.Aladeen goes to New York City for his UN address. The streets full of anti-Aladeen protests and booing towards the motorcade of Aladeen. At the hotel, Tamir hired Mr. Clayton (John C. Reilly) for whole day protection of Aladeen. Later at night, while Aladeen is in sleeping, someone abducts and brought him to the warehouse. There, it is Clayton who abducts him and he restrained Aladeen in the chair. Clayton shows the various tools for torture but Aladeen seems doesn't bother much. Aladeen manage to get fun about those tools. Finally, Clayton trims Aladeen's beard completely, thus without beard, making him unrecognized. After Clayton trim his beard, he burns the beard but accidentally burns himself down, allowing Aladeen to escape.Aladeen walks through the anti-Aladeen protests in front of the UN. Now, Aladeen sees his double named Efawadh (Sacha Baron Cohen) whom replace by Tamir. Aladeen realize he is betrayed by his uncle Tamir. Efawadh is going to address the nation but he acts awkwardly in the podium (he walks past to the podium, he falls of the stage, and drinks a pitcher of his own urine) in front of the delegations from around the globe. Efawadh then accidentally dumps his urine to the Israeli delegatin. Efawadh now address the nation about the new constitution of ending the dictatorship and turning the democracy in Wadiya. The whole people rejoices except Aladeen. In disappointment, Aladeen tries to break to the UN but the police fires him with a hose, thus creating a chaos as well as the other people. While in confusion, Zoey (Anna Faris) gets Aladeen out.While Zoey drives towards her store in Brooklyn, Aladeen introduces his false name "Allison Burgers" to her.

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